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Main Items

Main Items are the nitty-gritty of a subject. When user-submitted-items get accepted, they become part of the main items.

Items are compiled in an easy-to-navigate chronology, starting with the levels in a subject on the leftmost side menu.

When you start diving into a subject, this is where you want to start. If you are entirely new, then it's recommended to start with the basics. However, you can pick a different level that suits your level of mastery in the subject.

As you earn skill points in a subject, you will skill-up and earn new titles. Titles are accompanied by different colors. If you are in a subject's page, such as Tennis, you will see a cap on top of the page. The cap comes in different colors and will indicate your skill level.

You can access "My List" from the menu on top of the page. This list will also give you stats and your progress.

User Submitted Items

Inside a subject's page, clicking on the 'plus' sign on the left corner of the navigation bar will open the Content Submission page. In this page, you can submit videos, review and rate other users' videos, or approve contents if you have that privilege unlocked.

Submit shortcut ( Alt + Shift + S ) allows you to submit an item even when you are inside a main item navigation. This will save you considerable time.

User-item Full screen shortcut (Alt + Shift + F) lets you go fullscreen when viewing user-submitted items.

You can upvote or downvote a user-submitted item. Highlighted upvote/downvote button indicates that you have already cast your vote. Pressing a button twice will remove your vote.

Hovering over an item (or pressing on touch screens) will open up a box that will display the item in full detail.

If you have the Approve-Item privilege, you will see the approval checkmark button by the vote counter.


Privileges allow you to perform certain tasks that are not meant to be accessible to all users. Higher level privileges are not easy to unlock - they are for the faithful and the most dedicated members. For the full list of privileges and the requirements visit Privileges page.

Edit Level Privilege
Edit Level Privilege (re-order)
Edit Topic
Edit Item