Hierarchical Structure - our "Secret Receipe"

PencilTree has a distinctive two-level structural hierarchy for each subject we present. This means of organization enhances ease of navigation for users. It also creates a well-defined path for users to follow, including clear starting and ending points.

For an example of a clearly-formed hierarchy, please review the Tennis page.

Top Level
  • Most subjects' levels start with Introduction, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • Top levels branches off to form topics.

Content Submission Titles Should be Descriptive

Titles for the content you wish to share should be as descriptive and detail oriented as possible. If the original title of the content you are sharing is: "Secrets to a Good Tennis Serve," try and share what those secrets are in the title and/or in the description section.

For example, a good title might be: "The Importance of Using Your Legs and Hips in the Service Motion,” or "Tips to Getting a Powerful Serve by Using Your Legs and Hips".

Break long videos into smaller segments

Some people upload hour-long videos to Youtube that attempt to cover a complex topic. These videos should be broken up into smaller segments, and again the titles should be descriptive and pertinent to each segment. For example, if the original one-hour video is "How to Hit a Serve in Tennis," the video could be divided into four segments:

  1. "How to hold the tennis racquet on the serve"
  2. "How to toss the ball"
  3. "Racquet preparation for the service motion"
  4. "Making contact with the tennis ball and follow through"

Duplicates are allowed but not encouraged

Sharing the same video content multiple times within the same subject should be avoided if possible. For example, if a "Tennis Serve" video could tailor to Intermediate and Advanced Levels, pick the one Level that you believe to be the most relevant. However, if a video tailors to Coaching Level as well, which is intrinsically different from Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Levels, then you may include the same video within two levels.

Trim intro and end screens

The Intro and End Screens are very popular Youtube video add-ons, and can vary from few seconds to several minutes. If they are longer than five seconds, they should be trimmed. Five seconds provides enough time for an adequate introduction, but additional length will most likely serve to agitate users. Extra bonus materials promotions, and previews for upcoming videos should be trimmed.