• Q: How do I earn points?

    There are various fun ways to earn points from watching videos to submitting new content. The easiest means to acquire points is by watching a video. You’ll earn one point for every video you view.

  • Q: What are different privileges and how can I unlock them?

    Privileges control your access to the various features and functionalities of the site. Privileges are unlocked by earning points. For the full list of privileges and how to unlock them, visit this page

  • Q: Can anyone submit videos?


    To sell your original videos, please visit https://teach.penciltree.com.

    To submit video links from YouTube, first you have to unlock the privilege to submit items. Don't worry, this privilege is very fast to unlock. Visit this page to see how many more points you need to unlock it.

  • Q: Can I submit videos from any other source than YouTube?

    At present, we only support videos from YouTube. If you are planning to sell your own vidoes, please visit https://teach.penciltree.com to learn more.

  • Q: What's the origin of the name PencilTree?

    Although the words pencil and tree could signify knowledge and learning, PencilTree is also one of many names for the Euphorbia Tirucalli plant! Why coin a name around the Euphorbia Tirucalli you ask…Because of the interesting shape of its branches, with each splitting off into many sub-branches and creating the appearance of a hierarchical structure in plant form.

  • Q: How can I upload my own original video to PencilTree?

    Please visit https://teach.penciltree.com to learn more about selling your original videos on PencilTree.

  • Q: Can I submit the same video multiple times under one subject?

    If you are submitting a video multiple times in its entirely, i.e not specifying different time frames, then it is not recommended to submit it multiple times.

    For example, submitting video 'How to Hit a 200/mph Serve' in both Tennis->beginner and Tennis->advanced is not correct.

    However, if the said video contains fragments that are relevant to these two different topics of the same subject, then you may submit those fragments as separate time frames. Using the same video example as above, if time frame 1:00 min - 2:00 min talks about the basics of a serve, then you can submit that portion for Tennis->beginner, and then submit 2:00 min - 5:00 min in Tennis->advanced.

  • Q: Can any video from YouTube be submitted here?

    With the exception of a few private or unembeddable video, the majority of the videos from the YouTube can be submitted on PencilTree.

  • Q: Can I submit one video for multiple subjects? e.g. for Tennis and Soccer

    If one video is relevant to more than one subject, then by all means go ahead. e.g. a warm up video can belong to Tennis, Soccer, and many other sports.

  • Q: Can I submit videos belonging to another Youtube author? or the videos have to be my own?

    Absolutely! You can submit other people's videos. We even encourage that. You'll earn points if the video gets featured. If the original author has also signed up, he or she will receive bonus points.

  • Q: As the original author of a video, how can I request my video to be removed from PencilTree?

    If you are selling your videos on PencilTree, please contact us directly at info@penciltree.com. If your video is hosted on YouTube and it's shared on PencilTree, go to YouTube and turn off the embedding feature for that video. Your video will no longer be playable on PencilTree, and no one can submit it any longer. But before you make that decision, you can contact us as info@penciltree.com. Getting featured on PencilTree will reap many rewards. I'm sure we can change your mind.

  • Q: As an original content author, how does PencilTree benefit me?

    PencilTree helps original authors in many ways:

    1) Selling your original videos on PencilTree

    • because of our crowdfunding campaigns, you can generate revenues in matter of months rather than years through other platforms. To learn more about selling on PencilTree please visit https://teach.penciltree.com

    2) Sharing your YouTube videos on PencilTree

    • Increases YouTube Views - Video views on PencilTree get passed through and counted on YouTube.
    • Supports Ad Revenue - If you are already generating revenue from your videos on YouTube, you should see an increase once your videos get featured on PencilTree as the number of views will increase.
    • Builds Reputation - If you are a member on PencilTree and your original video is featured, you will see your name as the original content author of that video on the main video page. Don't be alarmed if people start asking questions and referring to you as “sensei”… just enjoy the ride! You deserve it!
  • Q: Can I post anything other than videos?

    At present, our primary focus is videos. However, each video may contain supplementary appendix material in a form of texts or pictures.

  • Q: How do I report website glitches and bugs?

    Please report website glitches and bugs to support@penciltree.com